By Neale McQuistin

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd sold 46 clean cattle, 75 cast cows, 338 prime lambs, 653 prime hoggets and 379 cast sheep at St Boswells yesterday.

Fifteen prime bullocks sold to 260p/kg and averaged 237p (-14p), while 41 prime heifers peaked at 273p to average 247p (-3p).

In the cast ring cows peaked at £1,771 and 189p to average 155p (-7p), while four cast bulls sold to £1,524 and 165p to average 133p (+3p).

New season prime lambs sold to £166 and 350p for Texel lambs to average £138 or 321p (-18p) overall, while prime hoggets peaked at £174 for Suffolk crosses and 319p for Cheviots to average 282p (-16p).

Heavy cast sheep sold to a top of £139 for Texel ewes and averaged £97 (-£12), while light ewes peaked at £91 for North Country Cheviots to average £77 (-£22).

The firm also sold 36 prime heifers at Carlisle yesterday which peaked at 272p/kg and averaged 232p (-4p), while 21 beef-bred bullocks sold to 259p and levelled at 223p (-5p). One prime, dairy-bred bullock sold for 178p.

Twenty-eight young, beef-bred bulls peaked at 245p and averaged 207p (+1p), while 21 dairy-bred, young bulls sold to 211p and levelled at 170p (+5p).

In the rough ring, 83 cast beef cows peaked at 235p to average 158p (-2p), while 190 cast dairy cows sold to 210p to average 124p (-5p). Eight cast bulls peaked at 160p to average 133p (-3p).

There were also 490 new season prime lambs that peaked at £200 and 444p/kg to average 322p (-23p), while 889 prime hoggs sold to £178 and 336p to average 285p (-8p).

Lowland cast ewes (163) peaked at £144 for a Texel to average £92 (-£6), while hill ewes (34) sold to £100 for Cheviot Mules to average £70 (+£6).

Lawrie and Symington sold 66 prime and 99 cast

cattle at Lanark yesterday.

Prime cattle peaked at £1645 or 270p/kg for the same Limousin heifer, while bullocks sold to £1681 and 258p for different Limousin bullocks. Young bulls sold to £1,842 and 238p. Prime dairy-bred cattle peaked at £1394 and 226p.

Cast beef cattle sold to 218p for a Limousin cow to average 150p, while cast dairy cows peaked at 192p and levelled at 129p overall.

There were also 81 new season prime lambs, 724 hoggs and 296 cast sheep sold at Lanark yesterday.

The new season lambs were topped at £167 and 368p for two different lots of Texels to level at 341p overall, while prime hoggs peaked at £160 for Texels and 334p for Beltex to average 272p.

Cast sheep were slightly easier on the week but still peaked

at £191 for Texels and

up to £104 for Blackfaces.